IxD Desiggn, UI Design, Branding

The Challenge

Pulseband is a fictional wearable intended to track blood pressure, heart rate, and activity in order to measure the current heart condition.

The challenge was to design a compatible app that encouraged change in the users behavior and promoted heart health.

Using our scrum board, the team and I divided our work into 3 sprints
Using our scrum board, the team and I divided our work into 3 sprints


Competitive Analysis

The research process included a competitive analysis in which we evaluated other wearables with compatible apps, as well as other health tracking apps.  



User Personas

We created personas to compile our findings from our research and user interviews in order to help visualize our insights. These profiles generated are who we feel are our main users.


Design Principles

Now with our users in mind we came up with our design principles to guide us through our ideation phase.

Ease of use

  • Data presented is clear and easy to understand


  • Empower users to proactive with results bases on their participation

Medical Expertise

  • Build confidence that the app is secure and reliable


Countless ideation session were held in order to decide which functions to incorporate and how we wanted the app to not only look, but feel.

After designing a low-fidelity prototype, we set out to test.



Final Wireframes